硬质螺旋门快速门 Hard spiral door

适用环境: Application environment:
Food, electronics, textiles, medicine, printing, chemical, logistics warehousing, clean workshop, shopping malls, packaging, underground garages and other open and close frequency of working environment.
产品特性: Product characteristics

The insulation, energy saving, environmental protection, sealing, anti-theft and anti wind in a new type of metal industrial doors, opening speed of up to 0.6-2.5 meters per second, suitable for frequent high-speed logistics channel to. The door panel adopts a new anti-clamping bridge technology, with a width of 220 mm, an effective width of 200 mm, a whole thickness of 40 mm, and polyurethane foam filling in the middle. The door is suitable for underground parking, indoor and outdoor logistics and production workshop fast passage. Adopting this door type can save a large number of energy loss caused by air circulation for enterprises, and can save more energy than ordinary industrial sliding doors and rolling shutter doors. The rapid opening and closing of the door greatly improves the transfer speed of production and logistics. The door is the necessary channel for enterprise logistics and production. Its use and selection directly affect the efficiency of enterprise production and logistics. This product has the characteristics of high reliability, practicability, easy operation and quick repair.
开启速度:开启速度0.6 M/S ~2.0M/S,可调;
Opening speed: the opening speed is 0.6 M/S ~2.0M/S, adjustable.
Closing speed: closing speed is not less than 0.6M/S, adjustable.
抗风强度:抗风性能为3.5kPa, 达国标6级;即抗风等级12级。(120km/h)
Wind resistant strength: the wind resistance performance is 3.5kPa, reaching the GB grade 6, that is, the wind resistance grade 12. (120km/h)


门体结构:Door structure
The door body is a split assembly structure: the thickening steel door, stainless steel door and Aluminum Alloy door, multi-level sealing strips, silencing bearing hinge, several polyurethane guide wheel parts:
The standard thickness of 40mm surface after oxidation of organic coloring, wind strength can reach 12, the middle of polyurethane foam, according to the international standard color card color; color Aluminum Alloy and stainless steel color, dark gray and gray, Emei golden champagne nouveau riche and other colors;

The door panels are sealed by soft connecting strips, and the flexible connecting parts have a life span of more than one million times.
The hinge load-bearing design makes the joints of the door curtain not to be forced, and the door panels do not touch each other, and the evenness can be maintained after a long time.
Track: the Aluminum Alloy combined rail and double helical turbine guide, make the door body smooth, quiet operation. Strong bearing capacity, reduce contact, friction and wear between door panels and connectors during operation.
Motor: Servo motor, Sino-Japanese joint venture AEW motor and German brand SEW motor and other brands of motor can be selected, the power supply voltage is 220V or 380V. The power is 0.75-5.5KW. Power off brake, manual brake release, braking voltage 220V. (match according to door size)

Control system: Servo control system and imported Omron control system can be selected, and through incremental rotary encoder, mechanical stroke limit and absolute encoder and other means of accurate positioning. Can be connected with a variety of auxiliary equipment, and can be linked with other equipment.
Safety System: Infrared protection is installed under one side of the track, and the door keeps open when there are obstacles under the express door; when the door passes through when the door body drops, the door body opens to the open position, and then drops when there is no obstacle below it.
Control mode: button, radar, geomagnetic ring, wireless remote control, card swiping, fingerprint, photoelectric, rope pulling, ETC, AB door interlock and combination of various open mode.